Hendriks Blasting Service

This uses high pressure force to blast abrasive material against surfaces in order to clean metals and concrete of rust, grease, dirt and old paint. This provides the best possible bare surface for coatings application.

Not just for an industrial application, Hendriks are the ones to call whether you need a driveway cleaned or concrete walls blasted. Cleaning and stripping back in-ground residential swimming pools in preparation for resealing and painting is a common request.  Gates and fences requiring a clean back can also be completed in a jiffy. Bring in your old wrought iron gates and features and have them restored to good as new.

More about our blasting services

With five mobile blasting and spraying units available, one of which is the mega blaster containing three blaster units and spraypainting capability, Hendriks can travel to your site anywhere required and blast and coat to specification.

Versatile and effective, abrasive blasting uses garnet, glass bead, steel beads, walnut shell and water under high pressure to strip back surfaces in preparation for coating/painting.

A diverse range of industries require abrasive blasting services including aviation, engineering, commercial & residential construction, transport operators, agriculture & horticulture, rail, electric & petroleum.

Vintage, classic and military vehicle restoration specialists also use Hendriks Blasting to prepare their projects.

Who we work with

Local companies Hendriks Blasting work closely with include:​

Our blasting work

Hendriks Blasting Coating transrail
Hendriks Blasting Coating mercer
Hendriks Blasting Coating pegasus engineering
Hendriks Blasting Coating southern cross engineering
Hendriks Blasting Coating gough group
Hendriks Blasting Coating fulton hogan

Hendriks Blasting provide a 15 year warranty on its blasting processes.​

Industrial steel beams and structures

Car, truck, boat and aircraft chassis and bodies


Contracting and farm machinery

Storage tanks, fuel tanks

Grain storage and silos


Steel and wrought iron gates and fences

Driveways, walls, swimming pools

Concrete floors

Most commonly used on such things as:​

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